Youth Development – my passion for life’s lessons

By Maura Keenan Since the Y is focused on Youth Development, I thought I’d share a great thought I was given recently.  As a local coach, former college athlete, friend to many college coaches, and administrator at the Y –

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How to keep yourself healthy this flu season

By: Mary Stevens School is back in session; therefore the Grassy Plain Branch is abuzz with the faces of children ages 18 months – 13 years. We are excited to get back into the swing of things after a fun

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Race 4 Chase Reflection

By: Nick O’Connor On a rainy August 2nd in Watertown, over 90 kids, including 35 from the Regional YMCA were challenged to complete a triathlon. The children ran, biked, and swam in honor of Chase Kowalski, a young boy lost in the

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Eat the Rainbow…

By Stefanie Zaino & Erin Gilbert  … of fruits and vegetables, that is!  Eating the rainbow is all about eating a variety of colors at each meal, but using fruits and vegetables to do so, not artificially colored products.    

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One small step…

By Lisa O’Connor I often have conversations with members who are looking to lose weight and lose it FAST! Their strategies range from giving up carbs like bread and pasta for a whole month to not eating chocolate for a

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What is Cross Training?

By Debbie Nichols Remember when you were a kid and how much fun it was to move in a variety of ways? I remember playing hop scotch, riding my bike, jumping into either my own or a neighbor’s pool, then

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Traveling Tips

By Erin Gilbert With the hustle and bustle many of us feel at the end of a long school year, it’s important to seek out opportunities to take care of yourself- to look into ways to provide you some time

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