5 Min with Beth Bogues: Learn how the Y’s Fit in 12 Program helped this busy working mom get healthy

By Jessica Aframe

Q. Why did you sign up for the Fit in 12 Program?

A. I decided to sign up for the Fit in 12 Program because it gave me the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with a fitness coach. I’d meet weekly with my coach Victor. After an initial fitness evaluation, he created a customized fitness program incorporating both cardio and weights. During our weekly meetings, we’d review the fitness routine and tweak things as I became stronger. He also provided nutrition support which I found very helpful.

Q. What were your goals when you began the program?
A. I wanted to feel healthier, have more energy and find a more consistent fitness routine that would work for me.
I had always been athletic but with a family and career, exercising had taken a backseat for a time. The Fit in 12 Program was great because it provided the structured guidance and support I needed. My initial goal was to workout 3 days per week. Eventually, I found myself at the gym 4-5 days because I was feeling great and enjoyed working out.

Q. How did you make the program work with your lifestyle and schedule?
A. I would head to the gym after work and also on the weekends.
I found myself taking advantage of the pool and also exercise classes like Zumba, Step and Body Pump. The Y’s facilities are great and the people are welcoming and friendly. My teen daughters play sports and also take advantage of the Y’s gym facilities and trainers. There is always someone there to provide guidance.

Q. What did you find to be your greatest challenge?
A. Finding time to get to the gym was a challenge on some days. Victor showed me a variety of exercises that I could do at home on days that I couldn’t make it to the gym.

Q. Why was this program successful for you?
A. One of the reasons why the program worked for me was the “accountability factor.” I knew that my trainer would be there to meet with me to evaluate my progress. I also began to make friends at the Y and enjoyed coming to work out. As the program progressed, I built stamina, had more energy and began to feel more comfortable in my clothes – all of which gave me even more motivation!

Q. What are your next steps?
A. After completing the Fit in 12 Program, I had the confidence to join the Y’s Lose to Win, and Keep it Off programs. I plan to take on the 10 Pound Challenge next!
There are really so many great fitness programs at the Y! I enjoy taking part in the Y’s programs because they help to keep me motivated by providing the opportunity to take part in group meetings where we can share nutrition tips, struggles and achievements.

The Fit in 12 Program is a 12 week program for the new or experienced exerciser. Work with a Fit Coach and receive a personalized workout plan, support and motivation while working toward personal goals.
Please contact Lisa O’Connor at 203-775-4444 ext. 135 to start!


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