Hip Hop at the Y

By Amanda Bloom
You may already know that the Regional YMCA offers Zumba – and that the classes are usually packed – but did you know about the Y’s dedicated dance classes? This spring, the Y’s downtown Danbury Boughton Street branch held a three-IMG_0979week Hip Hop / Break Dance Demo Session for kids age eight to 16. Choreographer Cassie Fleurimond taught a series of classic hip hop moves over the course of three Saturdays,
and by the end of the session, the students had a slick routine to perform to Justin Bieber’s “Roller Coaster.”

Cassie graduated from Danbury High School three years ago, and she serves as the choreographer for her alma mater’s dance team. She’s also almost entirely self-taught – Cassie says that she’s only taken one dance class and that she learned most of her skills from watching TV and music videos growing up. On the last day of the session, she sported a pair of snazzy Looney Tunes leggings while teaching the class to spin, lunge to the floor, and snap their arms in smooth succession. As class came to an end, she gave each of her students a high five.

“Great job!” she exclaimed. “You guys got the whole dance.”

Emely, a 10-year old student from Danbury, said that the class was really fun and she’s excited to have new moves to practice at home.

“I remember the first move we learned the best,” she said. “I dance at home a lot.”

Cassie will be teaching another hip hop class at Boughton Street in the coming weeks – the class will be held on Mondays from 3:30 to 4:15pm for kids age 12 to 16, and from 4:30 to 5:15pm for ages eight to 11. For more information, call the Y at (203)744-1000 or visit regionalymca.org


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